About us

We’re diverse and skilled theater enthusiasts dedicated to crafting a thriving digital platform. Each of us plays a vital role, blending expertise with a passion for theater to ensure ThirdStage is the coolest spot for the drama to unfold online. Welcome to your stage.

Founded in 2020 amidst the challenges of the Covid pandemic, ThirdStage emerged as a beacon of innovation for the theater world. Recognizing the need for a dynamic shift in how theater is consumed and appreciated, we focused our efforts on high-end streaming of theater shows. Our dedication and expertise quickly positioned us as leaders in this space, offering unparalleled streaming quality within the region. We’ve had the privilege of working with all major Slovenian theaters and renowned musicians, fostering a network of creativity and collaboration.

Our mission extends beyond mere streaming; we envision a “Third Stage” for theaters—an online presence that operates in parallel with their physical shows. This initiative not only broadens access, allowing enthusiasts across the EU to experience theater without geographical constraints, but it also aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship by reducing the need for travel.

Our Vision

Currently, ThirdStage represents the first birth of our product. It’s the foundation upon which we plan to build a comprehensive platform that fosters connections between theaters across the EU. We imagine a future where theaters can easily share ideas, personnel, and work together in co-productions. This phase is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the theater industry, making it more interconnected and collaborative than ever before.

What are we aiming for? ThirdStage is built upon the spirit of a theatrical revolution, fostering a community that transcends borders. We aim to be the one-stop platform where creativity knows no bounds, diversity is our strength, and unity is our curtain call. Let’s dive deep into the theater world by empowering and shining a light on all that is unique and creative in the form of European theater.


Theatrical innovation at your fingertips:

  • Our platform is designed to be a one stop place for networking, exploration and discovery of  innovation and creativity of European theater. It is a platform that generates ideas, connectivity and information of everything and everyone that loves and is involved with theater. We offer an inclusive space where every theater professional is not just heard but celebrated.


Connection and collaboration among theater professionals:

  • ThirdStage aims to create a community, where everyone, from the seasoned director to the emerging actor, finds their spotlight and an option to learn and network. Browse and research through the partner theaters and find easy ways to communicate and get in touch with them.  We are building a network, where theater professionals can find inspiration from their computers, not needing to travel and lose time and money to find it. 


Theatrical community first:

  • We love to go to the theater, that is where the magic happens. This platform is just an extension that helps theater professionals to make easier and affordable ways to learn about their colleagues and their work. It is a community to create a long lasting connectivity and share the spotlight no matter the size of the theater and It is an artistic equality in the form of a platform where everyone can shine.  We believe in amplifying this passion digitally.

Small (big) details


in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our company was born out of a desire to keep the theatrical arts alive when audiences couldn’t attend in person. Recognizing our innovative approach, the European Union funded us through the Creative Europe’s Innovation Lab in 2021, validating our mission to connect theatres with their audiences digitally.


and Headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a stunning city known as the gateway to Central Europe. With its strategic location and rich cultural backdrop, Ljubljana provides the perfect headquarters for our mission.

Periskop d.o.o.
Ulica bratov Učakar 60
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe
VAT ID: SI42500036
Company ID: 6046053000

A word from our CEO

I am Lado Bizovičar, proud to stand at the helm of ThirdStage, where our stage is set for the extraordinary. ThirdStage.eu… Think IMDB + Linkedin + VOD library of all EU theater productions. This is the mission.

Cheers to the next act,

Lado Bizovičar
Artistic Director & CEO, ThirdStage

Our team

Lado Bizovičar


Anela Šabanagić


Sebastjan Oblak

Chief Technology Officer

Mateja Koren

Project manager

Nika Medved

Project coordinator

Zala Esenko

Media manager

Gašper Gracel


Ana Oblak

Project manager

Ljubo Bratina

Brand identity

Nina Zadravec

Graphics designer