Schauspielhaus Vienna – 1000 eyes, 18. 04. at 20:00


Author Mazlum Nergiz

Duration: 100min

Language: German

Asma has disappeared. She told everyone that she was going to Paris to make her graduation film about the murder of three Kurdish resistance fighters, Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Söylemez, by 9. shot dead at the Kurdistan Information Centre on Rue Lafayette in January 2013. Perpetrator: a Turkish secret service agent. But Asma never returned. What happened? Family, friends and acquaintances start to speculate. Pictures appear on the internet. Has Asma joined a Kurdish resistance group? Has she become a shehîd, a martyr, what Kurdish freedom fighters become when they die in battle? Sleepless observers talk, trying to understand why someone would live the life they are thrown into. What remains is the void left by the person, a void that everyone tries to fill with their own images.


1000 Eyes is a play about absence and radicalism. The gap the characters have to face is the result of a global political conflict zone in which more and more young people in Europe are risking their lives to get involved. How to deal with the shock of the decision to go to war? Structured like a dragonfly’s eye, the scenes come together in an emotionally moving mosaic. In this process, 1000 Eyes walks a fine line between the transformation of mythology and the resistance emancipation of Kurdish freedom fighters. A whirlwind of perspectives.

Note on content:

The game contains text passages dealing with war and violence. One scene deals with sexual violence.


Recommended for over 15 years.


Press reviews:


“Her sister, parents and friends find different ways of coping with her disappearance and formulate their own explanations for Asma’s actions. (…) It marks a void in the game and in the lives of her relatives. All the other characters in Sahar Rahimi’s production represent familiar characters from mostly Disney films. Untouchable idols, like martyrs.” Ö1 MORGENJOURNAL


“The director sets the show between big Hollywood cinema, art films, radio plays and a modern version of tableaux vivants. (…) Disney characters, such as four of the Snow Queen’s seven dwarfs, comment on events. On screen, a ghost interviews the planets. The cowboy from Toy Story claims to be a film professor. At first glance, this may seem like a trivialisation of a powerful text, but this would be a misinterpretation. Here cultures collide, the bright world of comics meets the fateful struggle for freedom.” JOURNAL


“1000 EYES, the search for a Kurdish film student who joined the PKK in Paris: an explosive, cunning, exhausting performance by Mazlum Nergiz.” DIE PRESSE


“Mazlum Nergiz has been part of the new management team of Schauspielhaus Vienna since the start of the season. His debut was directed by Sahar Rahimi. In his exploration of lost times and lost people, he also plays with the comfortable atmosphere of an old cinema. (…) Two silent tasks clash in this family novella: not to give up hope of liberation and at the same time to avoid myth and survive. In 1000 EYES, the two maxims collide.” TAZ


“Like a film premiere, the screen flashes on stage in front of the red curtain. Strange things are happening. The oversized dwarfs take over the theatre and discuss the PKK. An oracle appears. The audience is abducted from the rows and reappears on stage. (…) Her unexpected radicalisation left a painful void in Asma’s environment. The absent protagonist appears only in her memoirs: her film is supposed to be like a walk with ghosts. How else could she present the reality that is crumbling before her eyes?

(…) A moving portrayal of longing and fanaticism.” FALTER

Production team

  • Director – Sahar Rahimi
  • Set and costumes – Evi Bauer
  • Collaboration on set and costumes – Mirjam Ruschka
  • Video, lights and set – Joscha Eckert
  • Music & Sound – Niki Neecke
  • Dramaturgy – Martina Grohmann
  • Assistant Director – Stella Jarisch
  • Photographer – Marcella Ruiz Cruz


  • Iris Becher
  • Tina Keserović
  • Kaspar Locher
  • Sophia Löffler
  • Romy Nagl/Ela Paul
  • Sissi Reich
  • Maximilian Thienen

Production credits

  • Production Schauspielhaus Wien/Vienna, 2024
  • World premiere: 13. January 2024
  • Performance rights licensed from: rua Kooperative für Text + Regie, Berlin
  • The play was created in collaboration with the theatre group El Vaïvén for the programme “Prix T13, festival de mise en scène” at Théâtre 13 in Paris.

About Schauspielhaus Vienna

The Schauspielhaus Wien focuses on contemporary drama, thus ensuring a unique profile in the German-speaking theatre scene. Its historic location in the lively 9. district of Vienna, originally used as a cinema. In 1978, director Hans Gratzer transformed the space into a theatre for drama, specialising in radical contemporary plays by Austrian writers such as Werner Schwab or Elfriede Jelinek. The Gratzer team has also brought internationally renowned playwrights such as Sarah Kane, Mark Ravenhill or Martin Sherman to the German-speaking scene. The founding years sharpened the Schauspielhaus’ profile as a politically engaged theatre.

Throughout its vibrant history, supporting playwrights has remained at the heart of the theatre’s mission. The annual scholarship programme for promising writers (“Hans Gratzer Stipendium”) as well as numerous commissioned projects have made the Schauspielhaus Wien a launch pad for many of today’s well-known playwrights, among them Thomas Arzt, Kevin Rittberger, Miroslava Svolikova, Thomas Köck, Sivan Ben Yishai or Enis Maci. The Schauspielhaus Wien and its artists have been awarded the Nestroy Prize, Austria’s prestigious theatre prize, several times.

From the 2023/24 season, the artistic direction is divided collectively between director Marie Bues, dramaturge Martina Grohmann, director and dramaturge Tobias Herzberg and author and dramaturge Mazlum Nergiz. Under their leadership, Schauspielhaus Wien aims to open up to the city and beyond: the newly launched audience platform “Offenes^Haus” (Open House) offers participatory projects for the neighbourhood and the general public. International collaborations connect artists and their audiences across Europe.

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